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Telehealth Coverage—The Latest Changes


OSMA has been receiving inquiries from members regarding pending changes to different insurance carriers’ policies related to telehealth.

After review and contact with several plans, the most significant change occurring on September 30th is that some will now require patient cost sharing if the service being provided is subject to co-pays and deductibles. The flexibility in telemedicine coverage won’t change with most plans until the emergency declaration ends, or until the end of 2020.

Additionally, there is pending legislation—draft rules and other discussions—to make permanent some aspects of the telemedicine coverage flexibility altered by Medicaid and Medicare for the pandemic. As the decisions are made, we will certainly provide updates to members.

Below are links to the most-recent telehealth policies published for different insurance plans. If you have questions or concerns related to telehealth coverage, don't hesitate to email OSMA.




Medical Mutual

United Healthcare



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